Placenta Arts Packages

Essentials Package


  • Placenta Capsules:

    Gelatin or Vegetarian

  • Cord Keepsake
  • Birth Day Pickup by

    specialist or medical courier

  • Your choice of encapsulation method
  • detailed report of your placenta including photos
  • Detailed dosage and storage guide
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Discreet shipment
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Thrive Package


  • Includes all benefits from the Essentials and Signature Packages PLUS
  • Two herbal bath ballistics
  • two luxe add-ons of your choice
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Luxe Add-Ons

My clients say…

I have settled on two capsules at breakfast and lunch. That dosage seems to be just right for now. I take them with food and there is no aftertaste whatsoever.

I love the salve. It’s been doing wonders for my stretch marks and incision!

Thanks again for taking this journey with me and making it a smooth transition. I will most certainly recommend you to any of my friends!

-A.E., a second-time mother from Frederick, MD

Encapsulation Methods

Probably the most frequently asked question is how to choose the right encapsulation method. You may be instinctively drawn to a method or you might be looking for a little guidance.

Maryland placenta capsules

Gentle Method

This method is beautiful in its simplicity. Your placenta is respectfully sliced and dehydrated at a high temperature, but is otherwise left in its natural state. Clients selecting this method often report energy bursts after capsule consumption. This method yields approximately 20% more capsules than the Traditional Method, but the dehydration takes significantly longer. This method is also known as the raw or high-yield method.

  • Closest to nature’s intention
  • Mood management requires a lower dose
  • Restorative during postpartum bleeding
  • Increased breastmilk production
  • Excellent energy booster

Placenta pills Waldorf MD

Traditional Method

Based on the principles of Chinese medicine, this method involves gently steaming the placenta with organic ginger, lemon, and peppers which are believed to have tonifying and healing properties. These herbs are thought to extract the placenta’s healing properties. Lemon is an antiseptic, peppers are a warming herb, and ginger acts as an energy and good blood facilitator. This method is also known as the heated or steamed method.

  • Decreases likelihood of postpartum depression
  • Replenishes your body long term
  • Appropriate for frozen placentas
  • Steaming may make nutrients more absorbable
  • Believed to balance Qi
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