Does It Really Work?

Curious, but a little skeptical? That’s totally okay! Each person’s needs and health are different; therefore, you can expect to receive a completely unique experience with your capsules. I keep detailed, thorough records of my clients’ reported benefits and side effects. Review their responses and decide for yourself.

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Increase Energy

“Finally for once, after 3 babies, I am not the stressed one, even with a baby with some medical problems.”

G.A., a third-time mother from Fredericksburg, VA

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Improve Mood

“It helped smooth out my rough edges when I had postpartum depression, anger, and anxiety.”

-S.H., a second-time mother from Fairfax, VA

Certified Placenta Specialist Southern Maryland

Boost Milk Supply

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Restore Iron

“The large amount of blood loss made my choice of encapsulation even more worthwhile. I was able to avoid taking iron pills, and my energy and stamina increased rapidly as I started taking the capsules.”

-E.S., a first-time mother from King George, VA

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Reduce Bleeding

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Alexandria VA placenta pills

Decrease Insomnia

“The placenta capsules are working well. I especially noticed a positive difference in the first week. I would encapsulate again in a heartbeat!”
-A.S., a first-time mother from Silver Spring, MD

Reported Benefits

I ask every client to fill out a survey about their experience of consuming placenta capsules. Here is a review of their reported results.

Percentage of my clients who felt they received at least one positive benefit from taking their capsules
Increased energy
Better mood
Feeling more balanced
Increased milk supply
Decreased feelings of sadness/weepiness
Quicker healing
Reduced anxiety
Increased sleep quality

What Is In Your Placenta?

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