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Placenta Encapsulation Alexandria VA Hi, I’m Jessica, and I am your placenta arts specialist. I know, I look more normal than you expected, and that’s because I am!

Wishing to ease the transition to motherhood after the birth of my daughter, I encapsulated my placenta with spectacular results. The difference placenta products made in my physical and emotional well-being made me a firm believer in the placenta’s healing properties. I got off the postpartum emotional rollercoaster as my mood stabilized and my energy levels rose. Even my (initially skeptical) husband could tell without asking when I neglected to include placenta capsules in my daily routine.

Eager to share my experience, I dedicated myself to training as a placenta encapsulation specialist and founded Tree of Life Birth Services. If you are a Maryland, Virginia, or DC mother-to-be, I would be honored to be a part of your birth team. Let’s work together to give your expanding family an amazing gift!

Informed Client Choice

Professionalism’s Gold Standard

When I began my journey into the world of placenta arts, my reading list encompassed as many medical textbooks as it did world renowned midwives’ works. My goal was to understand not only the rich history of placenta usage and reverence across cultures, but also the biological and scientific implications. I also spent considerable time developing a business plan and strategy. At the core of my plan was a simple mantra: meet my client’s needs with complete professionalism. No area of my business was exempt from my pursuit of professionalism. To this end, I chose to certify with The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA), obtain a certification in food handling safety from ServSafe, and a certification in handling bloodborne pathogens according to the OSHA standard 29 CFR 1090.1030.

This education prepared me with thorough evidence-based answers on every aspect of placenta handling and preparation. When prospective clients share their questions and concerns, I relish the opportunities to speak transparently about my education, certifications, standard operating procedures, placenta pickup to product delivery labeling and documentation system, encapsulation process, and sanitization. Providing a detailed and illustrative walkthrough allows for informed client choice in regards to preparation location, encapsulation method, capsule type, and any appropriate additional placenta-based preparations to support postpartum wellness.

As a professional, I am bound by a Code of Ethical Conduct. This, as much as my practical knowledge, is part of my contract with you. When interviewing me, you can rightfully anticipate a professional experience whether or not we ultimately work together. When you do add me to your birth team, your experience will include:

  • The respect of your express privacy
  • Adherence to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations within my service area
  • Adherence to all applicable health and safety regulations
  • The provision of services in a timely manner or referral to fully qualified backup
  • Proper refrigeration of your placenta during transportation and storage
  • Safe and sanitary processing of your placenta regardless of preparation location
  • Service to your placenta and your placenta alone with fully sanitized or disposable equipment only
  • My reliable and competent performance of the agreed upon services
  • Data collection for statistical purposes only with your permission

With only one placenta arts opportunity per birth, it is essential to choose a provider who is educated, experienced, and ethical. Selecting one who also supports your right to choose the best options for you is professionalism’s gold standard. As a certified provider, I am empowered to help you do exactly that.

My idea of professionalism is probably a lot of people’s idea of obsessive. David Fincher

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